What It's Like to Freeze Your Eggs
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The Egg Freezing Journey: Linda’s Story

When Linda, a 30-year-old professional woman, decided to freeze her eggs in order to preserve her fertility, she invited New England Fertility to capture her story candidly and honestly. In this video series, Linda shares each phase of her egg freezing journey, giving others a unique and personal look at what to expect from the process. To start your own egg freezing journey, contact New England Fertility Institute today.

Part 1: Why I'm Freezing My Eggs

In the first episode, Linda explains why she's freezing her eggs and shares her feelings about her upcoming fertility preservation.

Part 2: Consulting with Dr. Lavy About My Freeze

In the second episode, Linda sits down with Dr. Lavy from New England Fertility to find out what she can expect from the egg freezing process, including the medications she'll need to take, the actual egg retrieval process, what to expect afterward, and how she can use her eggs one day.

It’s amazing that we have this opportunity to freeze our eggs and think about when we have kids in the future.

– Linda

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