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What is together?

Developed in 2017 by New England Fertility for Israeli couples and single women who need an egg donor, the Together program allows embryos to be created at our clinic using an American egg donor and sperm from a partner or a donor. Our clinic is licensed by the Israeli Health Ministry to import eggs and embryos to Israel.

About New England Fertility Institute

New England Fertility is a state-of-the-art medical facility that has helped couples and individuals start or grow their families for more than 30 years. We were the first non-hospital outpatient IVF facility in the state of Connecticut. We also were one of the first clinics in the United States to specialize in egg donation. Our work has resulted in more than 10,000 babies.

Our clinic is big enough to have a powerful laboratory with some of the industry’s best andrologists and embryologists, but small enough to offer personal one-to-one care, from the dedicated team of egg donation coordinators to the assurance that your journey will be overseen personally by our medical director and founder, Dr. Gad Lavy.

Part 1: Why I'm Freezing My Eggs

In the first episode, Linda explains why she's freezing her eggs and shares her feelings about her upcoming fertility preservation.

Part 2: Consulting with Dr. Lavy About My Freeze

In the second episode, Linda sits down with Dr. Lavy from New England Fertility to find out what she can expect from the egg freezing process, including the medications she'll need to take, the actual egg retrieval process, what to expect afterward, and how she can use her eggs one day.

It’s amazing that we have this opportunity to freeze our eggs and think about when we have kids in the future.

– Linda

Part 3: Getting Ready for the Retrieval

It's the day before her egg retrieval and Linda is at New England Fertility for her final blood tests to determine that her hormone levels are optimal for her retrieval.

Part 4: Watch the Egg Retrieval

It’s egg retrieval day. Join Linda for her pre-procedural walkthrough with the nurse, and then, we witness her egg retrieval. Finally, we follow Linda into the recovery room, where Dr. Lavy delivers her news. How did it go? How many eggs did he retrieve? Watch and see!

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