Surrogacy at New England Fertility™

Visit the Tri-state area's premier destination for gestational surrogacy.

A family is in your future, and New England Fertility wants to be with you every step of the way.

New England Fertility offers patients a distinct advantage: Exceptional fertility care close to NYC, in the surrogacy-friendly state of Connecticut. Our dedicated staff, led by founder and IVF pioneer Dr. Gad Lavy, has been building families for patients around the world since 1991. We offer the expertise to guide you through your surrogacy journey in a nurturing environment.

Is Gestational Surrogacy right for me? Choose Surrogacy for:

  • Hysterectomy or other surgery that renders the uterus nonfunctional
  • Pregnancy loss due to an abnormal uterus
  • Severe complications of pregnancy
  • Medical conditions that preclude pregnancy
  • Same-sex male couples, or single men who desire to have a child

Our mission is to provide you with a treatment plan with the highest possible chance of success. Learn more about gestational surrogacy at New England Fertility here.