Third Party Team

Alyssa Baron, LMSW

Third Party Reproduction Coordinator

Alyssa Baron, LMSW at New England Fertility

As Third Party Reproduction Coordinator, Alyssa Baron, LMSW, assists intended parents, surrogates and egg donor’s throughout their journey at New England Fertility. Alyssa has worked in the field of fertility for several years, and was initially drawn to this work while studying grief and bereavement in graduate school.

Alyssa received her BA in psychology from Binghamton University and she received her Master’s in social work from Columbia University.

I love how closely we get to work with our patients and how we help with every step of creating their family.”

Qiusha Shen

Egg Donor and Surrogacy Coordinator/Chinese Translator

Qiusha Shen at New England Fertility

As an Egg Donor and Surrogacy Coordinator, Qiusha is dedicated to establishing clear channels of communication with patients and helping them through the third party reproduction process.

Qiusha speaks English, Chinese and Shanghainese fluently. She can help the Chinese patients to overcome the language barrier and understand all the medical terminology clearly during their journey at New England Fertility.

Qiusha received her BA in Broadcast & TV Direction from Shanghai University and she received her Master's degree in Health Care Administration from Seton Hall University.

I enjoy working with our Chinese patients helping them through all the steps of IVF. I help to make sure they feel like family and every need they have it addressed.”

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