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Shantai Rivera-Bonilla

Director of Third Party Reproduction

Shantai Rivera-Bonilla

A passionate advocate for gestational surrogacy and egg donation, Shantai Rivera-Bonilla oversees the third party reproduction program at New England Fertility. She has more than 20 years of direct experience in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive medicine, and has helped countless domestic and international patients during their journey to parenthood. Shantai’s firsthand experience as a past egg donor allows her to bring even greater insight and comfort to her relationships with intended parents, donors, and surrogates. In addition to her degree in Human Services, Shantai received her Medical Assistant credentials from Bridgeport Hospital’s School of Nursing.

Building a family is very personal, so connecting on a personal level with intended parents is crucial. They need to feel supported by their clinic, and I make sure that happens.”

Beatrice Abshire

Third Party Reproduction Coordinator

Beatrice Abshire at New England Fertility

Fluent in Spanish, Beatrice Abshire, or Bea, has expert knowledge about the medical, psychological and financial aspects of third party reproductive medicine. Bea also has worked extensively with same-sex couples as well as international patients.

Bea brings to New England Fertility more than 20 years of experience in reproductive medicine and has held numerous roles in the medical community, including a position in the labor and delivery department at Norwalk Hospital. She earned her Associates Degree in Science as well as a certification as a Medical Assistant at Norwalk Community College.

For a lot of intended parents, starting or expanding a family can feel overwhelming. It’s my job to make it less overwhelming and make the journey easier.”

Rani Clarkin, Esq

Third Party Reproduction Coordinator

Rani Clarkin, Esq at New England Fertility

As Third Party Reproduction Coordinator, Rani Clarkin, Esq, plays a key role to helping intended parents, surrogates and egg donors throughout their journey at New England Fertility. With a background in legal, she often helps with processes and procedures to help make the journey simplified for all involved.

I'm here to help every step of the way, regardless of your needs. As a coordinator, my job is to make this a happy, simplified experience.”

Nijly Vilme

Third Party Reproduction Coordinator

Nijly Vilme at New England Fertility

Nijly has a passion for public health, women’s healthcare, and community work. She previously worked as a high-risk consult coordinator at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and she worked at a walk-in clinic in Greenwich for many years. Before joining New England Fertility, Nijly held a position at WINFertility. Her diverse background and her passion help her guide intended parents through their egg donation and surrogacy journeys and make the journey as easy as possible for them. She also manages communications with gestational carriers and their agencies.

The journey can feel overwhelming for patients, but it is also beautiful and joyful. It is my priority as a coordinator to make sure that our patients feel supported and heard.”

Yishai Eliason

International Liaison & Third Party Reproduction Coordinator

Yishai Eliason at New England Fertility

With nearly a decade of experience in assisted reproduction, Yishai is an international liaison and third party coordinator who helps assisting New England Fertility patients around the world fulfill their dream of becoming parents. Fluent in English, Hebrew and Spanish, Yishai was born in Israel and graduated with a BA from Tel Aviv University where he majored in Chinese, Linguistics and East Asian Studies. Today he lives in Spain and represents NEFI at family building events across the globe.

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