The Surrogacy Process

The Surrogacy Process at New England Fertility

The process of gestational surrogacy involves in vitro fertilization (IVF). The female partner (or egg donor) receives medications to generate multiple eggs. The eggs are then harvested and fertilized with the male partner’s sperm and the healthy embryos are transferred into the uterus of the carrier, who has been treated with hormones.

The success of gestational surrogacy is typically high and largely depends on the quality of the eggs and the sperm. Gestational surrogates are carefully chosen and screened by New England Fertility, in order to increase the chances of the surrogate becoming pregnant and having a successful pregnancy and live birth.

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Gestational Surrogacy Guide for Intended Parents

  1. Meet the New England Fertility third-party reproduction team
    Before you begin the gestational surrogacy process, you will meet with Dr. Lavy and his team. We will review your medical records and make sure that gestational surrogacy is indeed the proper treatment for your condition. This initial consultation is usually done in the office, but can also be on the phone or video conference (Skype). Following your initial consultation, a financial coordinator will review all costs involved and prepare you for the expected timeline of payments.

  2. Finding your surrogate
    If an agency has not already been secured, we will refer you and assist in the process to start the search for a surrogate. Our patient care coordinator will work collaboratively with you and the agency to expedite the process, and ensure that you have chosen a surrogate that is right for you. Once the surrogate is identified, NEF will complete her psychological and medical screening.

  3. Psychological evaluation and counseling
    Our psychological counselor will meet and evaluate your surrogate. A preliminary telephone interview is followed by an in-office evaluation, which includes a written personality assessment test. The counselor will also meet with the intended parents to further explain the process and advise you what to expect during the pregnancy and at the birth. The counselor will also discuss what type of relationship you wish to have with your carrier following the birth.

  4. Medical Evaluation of the Carrier and her Partner (if applicable)
    The evaluation consists of a diagnostic test of the carrier’s uterus, as well as infectious disease testing on the carrier and her partner. A urine drug screen is performed on the couple as well.

  5. Intended Parent Medical Screening
    The intended parents are required to undergo medical testing according to the guidelines of the FDA. To satisfy these requirements, we will take a blood sample from each partner and a semen sample from the male partner. In addition, a hormone evaluation of the female partner may be necessary.

  6. Review of Testing: finalizing the plans
    Dr. Lavy and the team will meet to review the findings and make their recommendation regarding the “match”. Once confirmed, the legal contracts between the parties are finalized. The surrogacy process is finally on its way.

  7. The Gestational surrogacy process

    • Cycle synchronization: The cycles of the surrogate and the intended mother are coordinated. This way the carrier’s uterus is prepared to receive the embryos at the proper time.
    • Ovarian stimulation and preparation of the uterus: The IP begins the hormone therapy to stimulate multiple egg production while the carrier begins the hormone preparation of her uterus.
    • Egg retrieval, fertilization and embryo transfer: The final step involves harvesting eggs from the intended mother, fertilization, and placement of the embryos into the uterus of the carrier (embryo transfer).

  8. Pregnancy test
    Two weeks following embryo transfer a blood pregnancy test is performed to confirm the pregnancy.

  9. Pregnancy follow-up and discharge to the obstetrician
    NEF will follow the surrogate for several weeks following their positive pregnancy test. Once it appears as if the pregnancy is underway and developing well, the surrogate is transferred to the care of her obstetrician.

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Our Connecticut location in Stamford provides convenience and accessibility for patients in the tri-state area. Our proximity to New York City makes our center a desired choice for international travelers as well. During your first consultation, we will:


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Step 2: Explain and review financial considerations


Step 3: Schedule treatment, and begin your journey!

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