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Paola Riccardelli

Practice Administrator

Paola Riccardelli at New England Fertility

Paola is a dedicated professional with a strong background in healthcare administration, process improvement, and team leadership. She graduated from the University of Connecticut and embarked on a fulfilling career journey. Before her current role as the Practice Administrator at NEFI, she spent 20 years at Stamford Hospital, gaining valuable experience in optimizing processes and leading teams to success. Subsequently, she contributed her expertise at HSS for four years, further enriching her experience in the healthcare sector. At NEFI, she leverages her extensive experience to uphold the institute's mission of delivering top-tier fertility services. Her focus on process optimization and effective team management has enhanced patient care and support. She is committed to maintaining the highest quality and patient satisfaction standards, overseeing everything from patient care coordination to facility management. Her passion for excellence and efficiency is reflected in her dedication to ensuring that every individual and family starting their fertility journey at the institute receives exceptional care and support. She is thrilled to contribute to the continued success and growth of the NEFI by fostering a culture of excellence, efficiency, and outstanding customer service. Outside of work, Paola enjoys immersing herself in music concerts, spending quality time with her family, and going for relaxing walks.

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