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Katie Doyle

Practice Administrator

Katie Doyle at New England Fertility

In addition to managing day-to-day operations at NEFI, Katie bridges the gap between people and processes so that NEFI can efficiently and thoughtfully provide personalized care to all patients. Katie’s personal and professional experience has fueled her passion for helping families: She has three children who were conceived through assisted reproductive technology, and she also has held management roles in both clinic and surrogacy/egg donation agency settings. Katie earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business, with concentration on organizational effectiveness and leadership.

Sharon Brooks

Finance Manager

Sharon Brooks at New England Fertility

Sharon helps New England Fertility patients understand the costs and payment options associated with fertility treatment, and, in turn, helps make the journey less stressful. Before joining NEFI, Sharon spent 12 years at IntegraMed, where she created and grew the Customer Care department for patients needing financial programs for IVF treatment.

Speaking with patients and guiding them throughout their IVF journey is an honored experience. Their hope is my hope.”

Paola Riccardelli

Operations Manager

Paola Riccardelli at New England Fertility

Paola Palladino-Riccardelli is thrilled to join the New England Fertility Institute as the Operations Manager. With a background in process improvements and team leadership and customer relationship management, Paola brings a wealth of expertise to the institute's mission of providing top-tier fertility services. Paola is dedicated to ensuring the seamless day-to-day operations of the institute, from patient care coordination to facility management. She is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and patient satisfaction, making sure that every individual and family embarking on their fertility journey at the institute receives the best possible care and support. With a passion for excellence and a focus on efficiency, Paola is excited to contribute to the continued success and growth of the New England Fertility Institute.

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