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Ellen She, MD, PhD

Laboratory Director

Ellen She

As her title implies, Ellen oversees the daily operation of New England Fertility’s laboratory and is involved in all of its processes, from egg retrievals to embryo grading to biopsies, freezing, and thawing. Ellen spent 10 years as an obstetrcian and gynecologist and served as medical director at a fertility center in China. She earned a PhD in OB-GYN medical physiology in Japan, and she has extensively studied embryology and genetics in the United States.

My favorite part of my job is seeing patients’ results. It feels great to see our hard work pay off by helping people create families.”

Carlene Ditolla

Administrative Lab Manager

Carlene Ditolla

Having been with New England Fertility for 15 years, Carlene works in our laboratory as both an embryologist and the administrative lab manager. In addition to making sure all lab records are complete and precise, Carlene also works very closely with all the other departments at NEFI.

Jun Yang, PhD


Jun Yang

In addition to her invaluable work in New England Fertility’s lab, Jun has published over a dozen scientific papers during her career in research. She graduated from the Medical School of Wuhan University and received her Ph.D from Peking Union Medical University. She later received her postdoctoral training in Albany Medical College, and then joined New York University Langone Medical Center as a research scientist. Prior to joining NEFI, Jun was an embryologist at Wake Forest Baptist Health in North Carolina.

Andrew Fusina

Andrology/Endocrinology Lab Technician

Andrew Fusina at New England Fertility

With more than 30 years of laboratory experience, most of which has been in the fertility field, Andrew performs semen analyses for New England Fertility patients and prepares the samples for cryopreservation or for use in the IUI and IVF procedures. Andrew also analyzes blood samples for the reproductive hormones that NEFI monitors during a patient cycle. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry.

Maria Mazenko

Laboratory Technician

Maria Mazenko at New England Fertility

As a lab technician at New England Fertility, Maria’s work spans embryology, andrology, and endocrinology. She helps our senior technicians with documentation, data collection, and patient updates. Before joining NEFI, Maria was a pharmaceutical laboratory technician at Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories) and a hospital lab technician at Greenwich Hospital. Maria is working toward becoming an embryology technician. Maria’s research includes studying pharmaceutical additives to increase cognition in post-menopausal rats, and she has a BS in biology from Millersville University of Pennsylvania.

Megan Harrington

Lab Compliance Specialist

Megan Harrington at New England Fertility

Megan has been involved in New England Fertility’s laboratory operations for 13 years. In addition to overseeing our FDA compliance, Megan’s work spans the areas of andrology, endocrinology, and embryology. Megan has a degree in medical laboratory science.

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