Services for HIV+ Men

New England Fertility has a long history of helping HIV+ patients become parents. We use the Bedford Spar/HIV protocol to treat affected men seeking to create biologically related embryos.

Bedford SPAR/HIV protocol

The Special Program of Assisted Reproduction (SPAR) is a world renowned program that combines PCR HIV Semen Testing and Sperm Washing to screen and prepare semen specimens from HIV-infected men for safe IVF procedures.

The program is based on research findings that approximately two-thirds of semen specimens produced by healthy, HIV infected men have an undetectable amount of HIV. Sperm from such specimens are safer for use in assisted reproduction then “washed sperm” from untested specimens, or from specimens that test positive for virus.

Dr. Lavy is available for a consultation to discuss any of the above information, as it pertains to your particular case. Contact New England Fertility to request a consultation on services for HIV+ patients.

Interested in learning how the management of HIV can help increase HIV+ patients' chances of becoming parents? Check out an interview with Dr. Lavy by the online sexual health publication Giddy.

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