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We had been battling infertility for about ten years. We saw several doctors, and had one cycle of IVF done without success. When we met Dr.Lavy, we liked him a lot from our first meeting. He was so patient and knowledgeable. So, we decided to give IVF another try, and sure enough I was pregnant at the age of 41. Today, my miracle baby is two years old, healthy and happy. Thanks to the New England Fertility team, I have my son. I wish I went to see Dr. Lavy sooner.”

– Nina Colella, USA

The best thing to happen to us in our infertility journey was meeting Dr. Nicole Browne. She was a breath of fresh air from the very first meeting and we knew that if I didn't become pregnant under her guidance, then it was definitely God's will, and we should just give up. That is how much confidence we had in her knowledge, right from the start. And somehow we knew right away that being unsuccessful would not be the case with Dr. Browne in our corner. Within approximately six months, I was pregnant with our second child, a boy who was born in August 2013. Just over two years later, we returned to Dr. Browne, and after only one transfer with a frozen embryo, I was pregnant with our third, who is due in a matter of weeks. Everyone's journey is different, and I've learned that so many more people struggle with infertility than you would ever know. Slowly but surely, people came out of the woodwork to tell me about their infertility struggles, since I had been very open with my own. It helps. IF only I had known that infertility doesn't always happen to 'other people.' Sometimes, just like that, you become other people. But with perseverance, confidence, and one very special doctor, there is always hope.”

– Kristen Lalla, USA

Words can't describe the happiness my little one brought to our life. After years of frustration, only Dr. Lavy made it happen. For Dr Lavy and his clinic, I owe my gratitude. It is hard to take this journey on your own, but Dr. Lavy and his team made it easier. It was a long trip from Israel and two weeks of anxiety, but no doubt, it was worth every bit of it. Thank you!”

– Meirav Gal, Israel

Dr. Browne is amazing! We had been trying to get pregnant for a year with no success and Dr. Browne was able to help us within 3 cycles. We are now expecting our first baby in January. This process was obviously very new and scary to us, but Dr Browne and her staff made us feel comfortable and supported the entire way. She was always available for questions and would personally call/text us with updates when results were back. Very professional and compassionate doctor!”

– Kim, New York

IF only I had met my husband earlier I wouldn't have so many issues getting pregnant. IF only I had quit smoking sooner I would have gotten pregnant sooner. IF only I had exercised more and ate better I would have gotten to experience motherhood sooner.

These are statements I make to myself all the time but, the reality is I cannot control what is already done. All I can do is change my path. I lost weight, starting eating gluten free, stopped smoking and prayed A LOT!

I began this last journey in September 2015 and started a 3 month treatment before beginning my prep cycle. In early December 2015 I began the prepping of my body for the transfer in January 2016. It seemed like a lifetime but, January finally came and I was ready ... AGAIN! As I laid on the table with my husband by my side all I thought is I hope this works but, I am sure it won't. I can't help it after 5 years of trying and multiple failed attempts I have no faith! But I never gave up, even when my husband wanted to, I said no. I prayed to statues, I tried stones, yoga, diet, exercise, Reihki, prayers, crying, laughing and so so much more! FINALLY the day is here, it is pregnancy test time ... Oh boy I know I feel different but, I am not sure what it means, OK let's go see what happens!

Well the first pregnancy test was a success my Beta came back at 75 not to wait the dreaded 2 days and go back again. Test 2 day is here, oh no my Beta numbers didn't double, well I knew this was a possibility so I am not going to say anything to my husband just yet. Come back in 2 more days I am told...Well pregnancy test 3 Beta came back at 152, still not doubling, OK i was prepared for the worst so I am ok with this possibility of this not sticking.

Pregnancy test #4 was 4 days later, the Beta came back at 489 which is great but it has been 4 days so who knows if that's really good or not. The doctor says let me see you in 2 weeks...OMG what am I going to do with myself for the next 2 weeks?????

I finally told my husband by handing him a bag of pregnancy tests that were dated everyday for the past month! Of course he was shocked, he figured because I didn't say anything it must not have worked. BUT IT DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to the doctor's office 2 weeks later which would make us 6 weeks pregnant at this point, I hop up on the table that I had been on so many times before and looked at that dreaded ultrasound machine which was going to be my confirmation of success and as the probe entered me I froze, not knowing what to do except not move. I look at the doctor's face and see shock! IT IS THERE and there is a yolk and sac!!! WHATTTTTTT???????? Doc turns up the volume and my husband starts laughin as we hear the heartbeat for the first time! OK see you in 2 weeks, the doctor said to me. OH NO another 2 week wait!!!

The day finally arrived, I am now officially 8 weeks pregnant and once again I hop up on the table and really prepare for the worst as I have no pregnancy symptoms at all. There goes that probe I had become all too friendly with over the years and WHAT? It is still there? HOLY COW we may just have success with this IVF! I was graduating to a regular OB and left the RE's office not knowing what to say since I hadn't seen a GYN in years since beginning this journey.

Well fast forward to today and I am a healthy 14 Weeks and 4 days pregnant at 42 years old and due 3 days before my 43rd birthday! We finally made an announcement and began to tell everyone who would listen that we are expecting. I am still nervous but that's my mind playing tricks on me because for all the heartache and loss over the years I am still worried but officially I have nothing to be worried about!

So that's my journey of only the past few months and I will end by saying this .... IF ONLY I had not found Dr. Browne, I may not be writing this today!!!!!" Anastasia Stacie Koutsidis-Exarhakos, USA”

Dr. Lavy and the staff New England Fertility are incredible. The encouragement and care I was given was above and beyond anything I expected. From our initial consultation, my husband and I were impressed with the professionalism, understanding and support we received. Dr. Lavy put my husband and I at ease with his calm and caring demeanor, and we immediately knew he was the right fit for us.

The staff is wonderful and they always greeted me with positivity and offered encouragement throughout treatment. They always made me feel like a priority, working with my schedule and going above and beyond to accommodate my husband and I.

Dr. Lavy’s ability to connect with us was exceptional and made a huge difference during this process. His attention and focus on my individual care resulted in a successful pregnancy. I now have a beautiful 21-month-old baby boy!

We are pleased to take this opportunity to express our overwhelming gratitude for all that you've done for us. There is no greater gift than our child. Your devotion to your patients is immeasurable, and we certainly are forever grateful for helping us become parents. Thank you to you and your staff for truly making a dream come true!”

– W.W., USA

Dr. Lavy and his team at New England Fertility are professional, yet personal, from start to finish. At such a sensitive and vulnerable time in your life, they provide the guidance, reassurance and professional advice that you need. I always felt so relaxed at NEF, which no doubt had a big part to play in the miracle arrival of our wonderful baby daughter. Many thanks!”

– Fiona, USA

New England Fertility has been a blessing to our family. Dr. Lavy and his staff were so caring throughout the process, and they were always available to answer any and all of our questions. The facility is beautiful, and the staff always knew us by name and became our biggest cheerleaders. We can't imagine having gone through the process without such an amazing support team. We are now a family of three, thanks to New England Fertility, and we can't wait to continue to grow our family.”

– Caitlin Barnes & Kat Merino, France

After trying to conceive for over a year I decided to book an appointment to seek fertility. We were so nervous that something would be wrong with either of us that booking the appointment was the hardest part of our journey. Dr. Brown quickly put us at ease & made us feel like we were her only patients! Not only was I fortunate enough to conceive with the help of IUI fertility, but with my husband & I were treated with the most attentive care I have ever received from doctor!”

– Julianne, New York

Dear Dr. Lavy and Staff,

There are no words that could ever thank you for all that you did for us. You made us feel comfortable during a time that was very frightening for us. You made what seemed impossible into a wonderful reality. You are a caring doctor, and we are so glad that you were the one to help us achieve our goal of starting our family. Thank you for your positive attitude, understanding, encouragement and compassion. The staff is simply amazing. Your office is well organized, with an attention to detail that is much appreciated when dealing with such uncertainty.

We can’t tell you how reassuring it is to know that we were in the hands of such competent and caring professionals! Franci was a pleasure to work with, always returning calls, providing requested information and keeping our progress as a priority. You all made us feel comfortable and important at all times. We will never forget what you were able to do for us. We hope you really know just how great you really are. Your staff went beyond our expectations in every way. You are truly a top notch team!”

– Angela and Brian, UK

My wife and I were patients of Dr. Lavy and his wonderful team on two different occasions, resulting in two pregnancies [and three beautiful children]. As a lesbian couple, we relied on their expertise in order to make our dreams of parenthood come true. Dr. Lavy and his staff were impressive at every turn: everyone knew our names and treated us with warmth and compassion. They listened to our concerns and preferences, and they even helped us to navigate some frustrating hurdles with an out-of-state cryobank [our fault, not theirs, but they were amazing at resolving the issues for us]. There was no issue too big or too small for them to address with patience, compassion and determination. We felt that our dreams were theirs as well, and they kept us hopeful when things took more time than we'd expected. I would recommend New England Fertility to anyone who is struggling to conceive. We drove from New York to Stamford for care and were so happy with our first experience that we did it again when my wife was ready to conceive. The distance was worth it. That team is just outstanding, and we have the most wonderful family because of them.”

– Dava Antoniott, USA

I discovered NEFI through a friend after a very unpleasant experience that occurred at a different facility. Still to this day, eight years later, I am so thankful she did! From the moment I walked in their door I knew that we were in the right place. Every member of their team always treated me like a person not just another "case." My initial consultation with Dr. Lavy was very comforting. We discussed my previous treatments at the other facility and immediately discussed next steps, which was IVF. Initially, I was very afraid of the process but the NEF team was with me all the way. Their level of expertise and compassion was far beyond anything I've ever had before!

After my egg retrieval the NEF team, they kept us informed every day as to how our embryos were progressing. On the day of embryo transfer we had three viable embryos and implanted all three. It was successful... thanks to Dr. Lavy and his team of dedicated and compassionate medical professionals! We were blessed on 12/30/08 with our beautiful baby girl, Grace! I will forever be grateful for them making my dream of becoming a mom a reality!

My daughter is now eight years old and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think to myself how blessed we are to have her and to have been referred to Dr. Levy! Being a mom is better than I ever expected! It was a rough road, but worth every bump! Don't give up hope, I never did!

We had been battling infertility for about 10 years and saw several doctors with no success. Dr. Lavy was so patient and knowledgeable. Thanks to him, my miracle baby is now 2 years old, healthy and happy. I wish I went to see Dr. Lavy sooner.”

– Tammy Hreha, USA

The encouragement and care I was given at New England Fertility was above and beyond anything I expected. We were impressed with the professionalism, understanding and support we received. Dr. Lavy and the entire team made us like a priority, worked with our schedule and went above and beyond in every way. We now have a beautiful 21 month old baby boy and have overwhelming gratitude for all that you've done for us. Thank you for making our dream come true!”

– Proud Parent, USA

Dr Lavy and his team at New England Fertility are professional, yet personal, from start to finish. At such a sensitive and vulnerable time in your life, they provide the guidance, reassurance and professional advice that you need. I always felt so relaxed, which definitely had a big part to play in the arrival of my little miracle.”

– Proud Parent, China

It was a very good experience during the whole duration. Dr Browne is extremely caring. She was always available to answer any of my queries. The whole staff is wonderful and easy to talk to. Will definitely recommend.”

– Proud Parent, New York

As a same-sex couple, we relied on New England Fertility’s expertise in order to make our dreams of parenthood come true. There was no issue too big or too small for them to address with patience, compassion, and determination. I would recommend New England Fertility to anyone who is struggling to conceive. We traveled far to get to them and the distance was worth it.”

– Proud Parent, China

I traveled on my own from Sweden to undergo my treatment, but thanks to the New England Fertility’s staff I never felt alone. I can truly recommend the clinic to new patients because of their skill and professionalism, and also thanks to their empathetic ability. Because of them, I have a new family - both at NEFI and my little angel!”

– Proud Parent, Sweden

Sometimes you wonder why you can’t do this on your own… but Dr. Lavy and the team at New England Fertility were there for me every step of the way. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have my little guy. The comprehensive services they provided me and emotional support were invaluable!”

– Proud Parent, Norway

We were struggling to get pregnant for so long. Dr. Lavy is not just an expert in fertility, he cares to meet you and get to know your needs! We felt so supported and in good hands, especially since we worked with them from Europe, this was essential for us. Thank you deeply for helping us to make our family a realization!”

– Proud Parent, Ireland

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