Surrogacy Laws in CT

Families choose New England Fertility as a trusted surrogacy partner, both for our excellent quality of care and the favorable surrogacy laws in Connecticut. New England Fertility works with surrogates from Connecticut or other surrogacy-friendly states, which minimizes the risk of legal complications after the child is born. Surrogacy laws in Connecticut stipulate that:

  • Intended parents can become legal parents prior to the child’s birth, regardless of their sexual orientation, marital status or whether or not they have a genetic connection to the baby.
  • In most cases, the intended parents can be listed on the birth certificate, eliminating any need for adoption after the birth occurs.

Before proceeding with surrogacy, a formal contract is drawn between the gestational carrier and the intended parents. The contract covers all issues related to the treatment and the pregnancy. An escrow account is kept with an attorney to cover the gestational carrier’s costs, which are typically covered by medical insurance.

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